Thursday, 23 July 2015

Supporting the weight

Whilst waiting for floors to dry, Steve's guys have been helping us out with the ever expanding to do list! On a recent walk around the property, we noticed that the floor of the master bedroom had a bit of a wobble to it. On further inspection we found there to be a 2" gap below the skirting board - eek! Because we are intending on putting an en-suite in here, we thought it might be prudent to look at supporting this some more. We made a quick call to Dave, who advised us that it was because the original floor joists had been positioned the wrong way and so would need two RSJ's to support the span and prevent any further deterioration. A few calculated drawings later and the guys were in and up with the new beams in no time.

Chopping into the wall to accommodate the steels:

Steels lifted into position (by hand!?)

noggings put in place along the length of the steel, ready for the plasterboard and coving:

Once covered, these will look like they've always been there. We can also be at peace every time we're using the bathroom above, we won't be falling in on the room below - phew!

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Clean Water!

A real treat today - we have clean and filtered water which can be drawn straight from the tap! And just in time for a big family visit - yay! Welcome to our shiny new pump house where we have micron, arsenic and nitrate filters, a water softener, dual pumps, pressure vessels and...

an 800 gallon water tank:


This will service our whole house and has a reserve ready for the business. We need to keep an eye on our salt and check that it is all running to power but other than that - no water bills and the knowledge that we have pure clean spring water that we can drink, bathe and cook with - brilliant!